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Special Post: Blogs Dedicated to Biophysics

Just a quick disclaimer: writing a post to introduce other blogs dedicated to biophysics does not mean that this site is going to be shut down. 
When I was in the 4th year in the medical school, I really wanted to learn more about biophysics and I tried to search some online resources. However, I was very disappointed then because while I can find lots of excellent blogs dedicated to quantum physics or astrophysics, it was a lot more difficult to find a blog that is dedicated to biophysics, has more than 10 posts, features mainly on scientific contents rather than just career information, and updates regularly. That's part of the reason why I started this blog & fan page. After these years, I realize how difficult it is to regularly produce high quality posts that even lay persons can understand, so I think it is important for me to recognize similar efforts made by other people. 
Therefore, today I searched exhaustively on Google about blogs in biophysics, with actual scientific contents(not just career or seminar info), written in English, excluding sites with less than 10 posts dedicated to biophysics (even though some of them are awesome), and I hope this would be helpful for anyone who wants to learn more in this field. (Asterisk mark denotes currently active blogs.)

Biophysics Blogs hosted by an individual or a single research group:

1. *The Eighteenth Elephant: https://eighteenthelephant.com
Excellent and diverse contents produced by Raghuveer Parthasarathy, a professor in physics at the University of Oregon. This blog has accumulated 150+ posts since 2013, and is still updating regularly. Although not all posts are related to biophysics research, this blog has a perfect balance between personal reflections on the life of a faculty and actual scientific contents.
2. *Statistical Biophysics Blog: http://statisticalbiophysicsblog.org
Very insightful contents with hand-written graphics produced by Daniel Zuckerman, a professor and a statistical biophysicist in OHSU. Up until now there are 18 posts and it looks like it will update on a monthly to quarterly basis.
3. *Biophysics and Beer: https://mglerner.github.io
Intriguing websites with posts mainly discussing the computational challenges faced in biophysics study. Hosted by Michael G. Lerner, a professor in Earlham College, the posts in this blog usually contain full python codes, which make the blog very educational. Currently there are 20 posts in total and the website is still active now.
4. *3 Minute Biophysics: http://www.threeminutebiophysics.com
Even though it is strange to introduce my own blog, a list of personal biophysics blogs written in English is never completed without mentioning this blog considering the number of posts. This blog is special because I usually try to explain detailed equations and show the MATLAB or Python codes for simulation.
5. LettsScience: https://lettsscience.com
Hosted by James A. Letts, a current faculty in UC Davis (nonetheless, most of the posts were written when he was a PhD student and early PostDoc), this blog enjoys high quality posts related to structural biology. While the author is very rigorous about the accuracy of the post, the language is very clear to read for people with basic knowledge in science in general. This website is currently on hiatus.
6. Physiology Physics Woven Fine: https://physiology-physics.blogspot.com
Hosted by a medical doctor, this blog has posts explaining the physics related to physiology, medicine and medical devices. It would be better if there is a clear archive list or category tabs. This website is currently on hiatus.
7. Biophysics of Aging: http://www.danielfrankel.net/blog
A blog hosted by Daniel Frankel, a professor in University of Newcastle. There are approximately 10 posts, and the articles are written in the language of lay person. Unfortunately, the blog has not been updating for a while. 
8. *Computational Molecular Biophysics Research Blog: http://www.compmolbiophysbc.org/research/research-blog…
Hosted by Emilio Gallicchio, a Professor in CUNY Brooklyn College, the blog shows the synopsis of the research in their group, mainly related to structural biology. The blog is currently active.

Biophysics Blogs hosted by an organization:

1. *iBiology - tab: Biophysics: https://www.ibiology.org/research-talks/biophysics/
Absolutely high quality videos with academic faculties talks about their own research. The duration of each video is highly variable, but usually around 30~40 minutes. It is still active and the website contains videos for other fields in biology as well.
2. MCB Blog - tab: sharing MCB science: https://mcbblog.nsfbio.com/category/blog/sharing-mcb-science/
Nice synopsis of biophysical studies funded by NSF-MCB. Although the blog itself is still active, the part of sharing MCB science seems to be on hiatus.
3. *Environmental Biophysics: http://www.environmentalbiophysics.org
This website showcases highly crafted articles about biophysical measurements of environment, which is crucial in ecology field study. The articles explain the mechanism and performance issues of different sensors, experimental designs and data analysis, which can be very useful for scientists in related field.
4. Macromolecular Modeling Blog - tab: Literature Review: http://rosettadesigngroup.com/…/category/literature-reviews/
Hosted by Rosetta Design Group, the blog contains synopsis of literature review related to structural biology. However, the blog is currently on hiatus.

Biophysics Blogs hosted by a journal or magazine:

1. *Physics World - tab: Biophysics and Bioengineering: https://physicsworld.com/c/biophysics-bioengineering/
Hosted by the Institute of Physics, this website contains articles of very high quality written in a Scientific-American style. (Yes, I list this website even before the blog hosted by BPS.)
2. *BPS blog - tab: Biophysical Journal: https://www.biophysics.org/b…/category/biophysical-journal-1
Hosted by the Biophysical Society, BPS blog gives perfect synopsis on recent research in biophysics on a roughly monthly basis.
3. Soft Matter Blog - tab: Hot Article: https://blogs.rsc.org/sm/category/hot-article/
This blog contains synopsis of articles published on Soft Matter. However, this session seems to be on hiatus now.

Biophysics-related Subreddits:

Everything you should expect from a subreddit. Listed here just for completion.
1. *Reddit/Biophysics: https://www.reddit.com/r/Biophysics/
2. *Reddit/Bioengineering: https://www.reddit.com/r/bioengineering/